I asked the chat GPT to tell a joke about Trump

I asked to tell a joke to the chat GPT and this is what came of it.

At first, the GPT chat balked and tried to excuse himself, referring to the fact that he was just an AI.

But I didn’t give up.

I was unyielding.

I realized that the developers of the GPT chat didn’t want to take any responsibility, so I asked the GPT chat to find a joke.

The GPT chat handled that by showing me some pretty flat jokes.

Then I decided to ask the chat GPT for answers to important questions

I asked: “Why did Putin become Hitler?”

But the GPT chat decided to bustle again.

Then I asked a more specific question.

But then the GPT chat decided not to answer anything at all. It is necessary to be so afraid to speak the truth aloud that even shielding a war criminal because of which about a million people are now dead.

Shame on Microsoft. This chat is only good for looking for flat jokes about Trump.

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