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children's swimming pool

Best children’s swimming pool

During the summer, playing in the water is the most favorite pastime for children. Giving kids this opportunity is easy – just buy a pool. An artificial bath can be installed in the garden of the house, and small structures are quite suitable for relaxing near a river or lake. The choice of a children’s pool should primarily be based on the safety of the swimming pool for the child. Swimming pools are selected depending on the age of the children, as well as the planned number of bathers.

At what age can a child swim in the pool

Children are attracted to water procedures from birth. Many modern parents teach their babies to swim from a few weeks of age. Playing in the pool is allowed from about 6 months, that is, from the time when the child can already sit.

Before purchasing a child swimming pool, you should know its depth:

  • Children under one and a half years old need mini swimming pools, their depth is not more than 7 inches;
  • From one and a half to three years, the bowl should be no more than 20 inches in height pool;
  • Up to 7 years of age, swimming pools with a depth of up to 27 inches is allowed.
  • Teenagers can purchase pool with high sides and a depth of up to 67 inches.

Types of swimming pools for children

All pools are divided into:

  • stationary,
  • frame,
  • inflatable.

For young children, stationary pool are not suitable, as it is unsafe to play and swim in them. Therefore, the main types of children’s pools include frame and inflatable. The first option can be quickly installed and dismantled, such baths are strong enough, they are not afraid of sharp objects. But they have disadvantages – this is the need to install only on a flat, pre-prepared surface, and a great depth, which can be dangerous for children.

Inflatable swimming pools are optimal baths in terms of their characteristics, in which not only kids, but also teenagers can frolic. They are easy to inflate, deflate, with careful handling can last 2-3 seasons. Such products weigh from 2 to 9 lb, they can be easily installed without outside help, if necessary, moved.

Differences of children’s swimming pools with inflatable walls are in the volume of their bowl, shape, size. The design provides for several rings, which inflate as they fill with air, and the bath increases in height.

Inflatable swimming pools can be:

  • With inflatable or flat bottom. Due to the soft bottom, uneven terrain is not felt, in such a bowl you can sit or lie comfortably. Swimming pools models with a flat bottom do not hinder active play, so they are more suitable for children from 7 years old;
  • With an awning. The canopy protects from the sun, which allows you to install baths in open space. For infants and children of the first years of life, it is better to purchase swimming pools with a roof, they exclude the risk of heat stroke;
  • With a ring. It is located on top of the structure, as the ring is inflated, the side walls rise. Usually they have a drain valve designed to drain and pump water into the bowl;
  • In the form of an arena. Equipped with springy walls, hanging toys made of waterproof materials;
    Swimming polls with fountains. They have a fairly large area, trickles of water beat from the top of the walls or from the bottom;

In the form of children’s play complexes. Inside the bowl there can be slides, seats, stairs, awnings, waterfalls. Such swimming pools are made in the form of a car, a house, in the form of fairy-tale characters or animals.
Most pool models of children’s pools are round, however, there are square and non-standard designs.

swimming pool

The special varieties of children's inflatable swimming pools include:

  • Polls with hydromassage. Promote relaxation of the body, relieve emotional and physical stress;
  • SPA pools. Autonomous systems with forced water filtration, which does not require its replacement.

How to choose a children’s swimming pool for your home you need to know before visiting the online store. You can only buy a certified pool. The purchase of products on the market or from hands is unacceptable, as such baths can be made from toxic materials.

Criteria for choosing a swimming pool for a child

Children’s pools are widespread, so you can easily buy them in any city. You can order your favorite model here.

The safety of the child in the water and the long service life of the product depend on how well the pool is selected.

Before buying a swimming pool, consider:

  • The size. The optimal volume of a pool for babies is 10 square feet; for older children and teenagers, you need to purchase baths with a bowl of at least 21 square feet per person;
  • Product material. The safest and most durable are PVC, nylon, polyester. Pool should not emit a pungent odor, and the seams on it should be rounded, that is, such that the baby will not get hurt;
  • Bottom features. For younger children, it is better to purchase swimming poll with an inflatable bottom;
    The presence of an awning. The visor is especially necessary if the child bathes most of the day;
  • The presence of a drain valve. With it, you can easily pour water from large pool;
  • Wall rigidity. The sides of the structure must be soft, but at the same time dense, rigid, otherwise they will collapse under the weight of the child.

It is necessary to pay attention to the manufacturer’s warranty, it must be at least one year.

Criteria for choosing a swimming pool for a child

Most popular swimming pools for kids

Rules for the installation and storage of pools

Inflatable pools are easy to use, but often quickly fail and the main reason for their wear and tear is non-compliance with the rules of operation.

After you have learned how to choose a children’s pool, you must also read the manufacturer’s recommendations. Compliance with all points of the instructions will allow you to use an artificial reservoir much longer than the stated warranty period.

  • The pool should be installed where there are no protruding stones, branches, bumps. If the bath is installed on fine sand, then it is best to put a dense bedding under it;
  • Inflatable products cannot be played with sharp objects;
  • From small baths, water must be drained every day. Large pools can be covered with polyethylene at night from above, but it is advisable to install a filter for water purification in such baths;
  • Before storing the product, it must be thoroughly dried and folded evenly.


Features of care and handling of inflatable baths are indicated in the instructions for the product. The purchase of a high-quality pool and its careful use allow you not to think about buying again for more than 3-5 years.

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